Permanent Makeup

What is Permanent Make Up? Permanent Make Up is done by depositing pigment molecules into the basal layer of skin, which stays for several years. It’s also referred to as micropigmentation, micropigment implantation, dermographic, cosmetic tattooing or microblading. Similar to tattooing, it involves using needles to implement color into the skin with various methods. As a result, people get color enhancements of lips, eyebrows, permanent eyeliners and even eyeshadow. It gives freedom and confidence in everyday appearance.

This treatment is beneficial for people suffering from diseases or medical conditions such as alopecia, MLS, Parkinson’s disease and other. Also, stroke
convalescents, chemo therapy patients or just elderly people can take advantage of it. The full treatment requires at least two visits: a consultation with the main treatment and a touch-up visit in a few weeks.