Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system of the body. It acts as a universal cleanser of the body. It filters and cleans fluids, cell wastes, viruses and bacteria. When the lymph system works well, you will experience a healthy life and good protection from diseases. In properly functioning conditions, lymph fluid drains back toward the heart. A failing lymphatic drainage – is a natural process, commonly caused by lack of exercise, poor diet, pollutants, pregnancy, injury or surgery. You may feel tired or be more prone to colds, infections or even more serious conditions.

We offer Lymphatic Drainage therapy to help this system work efficiently. The most common benefits of this treatment are: the improvement of microcirculation, waste and toxin removal and, as a result, improvement of the immune system, not to forget about improvement of skin appearance and cellulite reduction. There are some contraindications applied for this treatment.

Also this treatment is a part of our Weight Loss program.