Cosmetic Injections

  Since cosmetic injections target wrinkles, people with wrinkles around the eyes, a frown or deep lines that they would like to soften are all suitable candidates.
  One 20-minute treatment – a few tiny injections of neuromodulators – smoothens wrinkles in a few days after the treatment. Also this treatment can be combined with any other beauty treatment such as Dermal Fillers or Mesotherapy. The combined approach produces even better result. There are different brand names of neuromodulator medications such as Botox, Dysport and Xeomin provided by different manufacturers. They all act the same way and they are all approved in Canada. These medications  prevent muscle fibers from contracting and can temporarily reduce expression lines like the one on your forehead or between your brows.
  Dermal Fillers are sterile gels consisting of stabilized Hyaluronic acid designed specialy for cosmetic injections. They correct facial lines, wrincles and folds, enhance lips or shape facial contours.
  Mesotherapy is injectable method of delivering different medical grade or naturopathic solutions such us hyaluronic acid, anti aging, anti acne or anti inflammatory  peptides, anti oxidants and other substances into the dermal level of skin. This treatment impoves skin apearance, stimulates collagen production or helps to tighten skin.
Due to the fact that the long-term safety of these kind of procedures has now been clinically established, cosmetic injectable treatments have become the number one cosmetic procedure in the world.