Anti Cellulite Treatment

In normal conditions, the adipose membrane is nourished by small blood vessels. When cellulite is present, these blood capillaries are affected. The most recent scientific research done with the help of adipose membrane biopsies, have revealed the fact that cellulite is not just an aesthetic problem but a kind of medical condition.

The local lymphatic drainage in the area affected by cellulite is blocked, collecting intracellular waste and toxins, thus resulting in poor cell metabolism. It stimulates the development of cellulite into advanced stages. Fortunately, cellulite evolves slowly, making it reversible in its early stages. We offer an Anti cellulite program in our Center which is individualized for every client. We use modern technologies and strategies to reduce cellulite appearance and improve local and general metabolism.

Some of our Anti Cellulite solutions are used in our WeightLoss program.